An IndyCar can reach up to 240 mph on the oval, a stock car has the ability to travel at speeds close to 200 mph, an F1 car’s average speed 233 mph, and the fastest land speed race car on the planet is the Top Fuel Dragster reaching 330+ mph in less than 4 seconds. No matter which major league motorsport you lean toward; that’s a lot of power. 

The power of corporate brands fuel racing.

The business Beyond the Logo’s (b2b) is what drives corporate sponsorship in today’s motorsport business model.

Motorsport fandom is also very powerful reaching over 194 countries worldwide. Aside from the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, there are few other sports with such a global appeal.

So, why aren’t there more female drivers in motorsport? Well, the short answer is, there should be. It’s not only necessary, it’s good for business. 

PowerDrive Motorsport Futures fills this gap.

Motorsport Market to record USD $8.93 billion Incremental growth; Driven by significant Investments by sponsors – Technavio

Women make or influence 85% of all purchase decisions and represent $20 trillion in annual consumer spending and that figure is expected to grow to $28 trillion in the next five years.

40% of motorsport’s current fan base is female and one in every two new race fans are women.