Hello, and thank you for visiting PowerDrive Motorsport Futures. I’m Tami Powers and 2020 marked my 20th year as an executive in motorsports. 

In March 2020, we reinvented the way we communicate, do business and educate our children. In the midst of this reckoning, I discovered so much about myself and the meaning of what the past two decades have given me in motorsport; the wisdom, drive, and confidence to reach higher. I asked myself, what am I leaving for the next? Somewhere between homeschooling my second-grader and many sleepless nights worrying about our future, PowerDrive was born.

When I first saw this image, I zoomed in on the little girl. Her eyes captured me. What she would walk away with that day was so much more than an autograph. I knew then, I had a responsibility.

I looked around the globe and apart from the NHRA, there are ZERO women competing full-time in IndyCar, ZERO in The NASCAR Cup Series, and ZERO in F1. I dug in, and what my extensive research revealed was compelling. Women and men are equal in a race car, however, women are 10 years behind in experience (opportunity). I then discovered a generation of skilled female race car drivers around the world with little opportunity to reach the top and a number of unnecessary obstacles holding them back. While motorsport is an equal sport it is not inclusive. 

With this past year of endless research and countless zoom meetings, I felt a sense of urgency to create essential solutions. The data shows us clearly; normalizing women competing with men is good for business. It’s also a necessary component in sustaining the health of motorsport as a whole.  It’s time… 

PowerDrive, is where this all comes together. Connect with me. It’s sure to be an epic ride.

Founder, PowerDrive MF